Stuff I like


I am lucky enough to know a lot of really great, very smart, exceedingly passionate disaster nerds. These people spend their days, and nights, thinking about all things disasters. They are constantly thinking about stuff like the consequences of disasters on communities, long term impacts on people, how to better support people affected by disasters, how to be more prepared for disasters, how we can be more resilient to disasters…and lots and lots of other interesting and important stuff.

I’ll try and keep this page updated with all the good stuff. It’s a constant work in progress.

Blogs & Websites

Sastrugi by John Richardson (AUS)
Wonderful wanderings through John’s consciousness. An education in both disasters and music.

Recovery Diva by Claire B. Rubin (USA)
Possibly the most comprehensive archive of long term recovery news, articles, opinions and comments available. Also with the “occasional burst of outrage”.

The Story of Stuff by Ashley Maynor (USA)
A wonderfully comprehensive investigation into temporary memorials. With a focus on preservation and archiving. Particularly useful for archivists, librarians and museum professionals, or anyone having to archive/preserve temporary memorial items.
More at Ashley’s website.

This is what happens after by Kate Brady (AUS)
Keep up to date with Kate’s PhD research on disaster recovery.


Psychosocial capacity building in response to disasters by Joshua L. Miller (USA)
Collective Conviction by Anne Eyre & Pam Dix (UK)
Memorial Mania: Public feeling in America by Erika Doss (USA)
Channels of Peace: Stranded in Gander on 9/11 by Kevin Tuerff (USA)


Treme (HBO) Seasons 1-4 (USA)
Perhaps the best fictional representation of post disaster recovery on television.